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Dr. Jeff Cook


Relationship & Intimacy Expert

Dr. Cook has been working in the helping field for 25-years with a focus on physical, social, and emotional well-being – working with individuals, couples, and families. He has worked with hundreds of clients in an effort to help them understand feelings of emptiness and despair, to help them make sense of destructive decisions, and to repair broken relationships. Dr. Cook believes that the pain we experience in life arises within the context of relationship - relationship with ourselves, those we love, and the world around us. He believes that healing also comes within the context of relationship. Dr. Cook is a “relational psychotherapist” who works with those who know trauma, broken relationships, and the unbearable experience of shame.    

Dr. Cook has served as Assistant Professor at both Saint Mary’s College and the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, training graduate students in the art and science of clinical mental health counseling and couples and family counseling. In addition, he has served as the clinical director of a large counseling center at the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater. He is currently enjoying both clinical work and work as an Associate Professor of Clinical Mental Health Counseling in Colorado. ​

Education & Credentials

Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology (PhD)

Washington State Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) ​

Scientific Research and Publications

Stauffer, M., Cook, J., Trippany-Simmons, R., & Rush-Wilson, T. (2016).The Many Facets of Human Development: Spiritual and Moral Developmental Theories. In S. Mark & D. Capuzzi (Eds.). Human growth and development across the lifespan: Applications for counselors. Wiley & Sons. ​

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Thomas, S., & Cook, J. (2013). Family Crisis. In J. Sandoval (Eds). Handbook of crisis counseling, intervention, and prevention in the schools (3rd ed). Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc. ​

Cook, J., Berquest, T., & Rubel, D. (2012). Measuring emotional regulation in pre-practicum and internship counselor-in-training: Using the Difficulties in Emotional Regulation Scale. Professional Issues in Counseling. ​

Cook, J., & Schamp, L. (2011). College career counseling: Traditional, hybrid and 100% online Campuses. In D. Capuzzi, & M. Stauffer (Eds). Career Counseling: Foundations, Perspectives, and Practices (2nd ed).Pearson. ​

Example Speaking Engagements & Trainings

Cook, J. (2017). Sacred trust: Responding to stroke victims. Oregon Veterans Home. The Dalles, Oregon.  

Cook, J., & Anderton, C. (2016). Restorative justice: For higher education staff. University of Wisconsin – Whitewater. Whitewater, Wisconsin.  

Cook, J. (2016). Taming “it”: Parents, students, and the school counselor. Wisconsin School Counselors. Whitewater, Wisconsin.  

Cook, J. (2016). Suicide awareness. Whitewater High School. Whitewater, Wisconsin  

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Cook, J., & Vander Velden, E. (2014). Disengaged parents and the experience of shame. Wisconsin Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. Waukesha, Wisconsin.  

Cook, J., Rios, P., & Swartwout, A. (2013). Disengaged parenting and the experience of shame. Wisconsin School Counseling Association. Madison, Wisconsin.  

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Cook, J. (September 2011). The experience of trauma. Richmond Partnership. Richmond, California. ​

Cook, J., & McGlasson, T. (2008). Implications of a co-constructed relational field in the therapeutic space: Considerations for clinicians, supervisors and counselors. Western Association of Counselor Education and Supervision. Palm Springs, California.

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