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Current Projects

Reinventing Disclosure After Infidelity

Disclosing information about infidelity is difficult, painful, and often necessary for healing.  To date, there has not been a well-articulated and thoughtful model for disclosing infidelity that is effective at steering the relationship back towards connection and trust.  Our guide will change the practice of disclosures.

Image by Kourosh Qaffari

A Better Clinical Framework for Sexual Behavior Problems - New Hope is Here

For decades researchers and clinicians have struggled to create an accurate and effective conceptual model for sexual behavior problems.  There is empirical agreement that there is not a single explanation, but rather several different explanations.  Now, a comprehensive model, Created at the Olsen Institute is becoming available to permanently change the conversation and offer greater hope than ever before.

Image by Héctor J. Rivas

Post-Traumatic Growth After Intimate Betrayal - A New Model

Having to heal from the pain of intimate betrayal is a great unfairness.  You can lose vital parts of yourself along the way.  We have found a better path based on empirical knowledge on the subject of trauma.  We are working to share this new model with the world.

Image by Heramb Savarkar

Sex as a Vital Health Behavior

A body of empirical research has shown that an active sex life is a key ingredient to overall health in our bodies, minds, and relationships.  Like eating healthy, sex is part of a successful plan for a healthy life.  We are working to share this database of knowledge with others in an easy to understand medium.

Image by Peter Conlan

Fanning the Flames of Sexual Desire

Diminished sexual desire is a common experience for individuals and can cause distress, conflict, and missed opportunities for connection and joy.  Most don't know what to do to regain the desire that they once had and now miss.  We or working to create new resources to help clinicians and the public to better understand the wonderful resources available.

Image by Laszlo D.

Building Sexual Communication

Sex is one of the most difficult topics for most people to discuss openly.  The consequence of this in intimate relationships can be great pain and a loss of profound opportunities for mutual joy.  We are working to develop new methods to help people shed their fear and shame around sex and to learn how to speak to one another about sexuality.

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